The lingering hope


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Waiting and longing for something you desperately want, need or believe you should have is not fun. To put it simply, it sometimes hurts to wait!

It almost feels like a cycle; you start to wait in hope, time goes by and your expectation lingers.  Sometimes, it begins to look like your hope may not be helping much and perhaps, you settle into a feeling of disappointment and then suddenly, something happens that shines a bit of light into that situation and you want to hang onto that light for as long as you can. At that point, it feels like your only source of optimism.  Then slowly, the light begins to fade and hope now sounds like it is calling your name from a very far distance. You were so sure things were about to turn-around for the better but it feels like it has slipped away yet again.

Some days, your smile will be as bright as the sun because hope just whispered to you that the change you so desperately seek is closer than you think. On other days, you just cannot see past the now and perhaps, you feel like the world is working against you.

Again, you remember that all you have to hold onto is hope albeit with a little more caution and a little bit of fear this time because you remember so freshly how it felt when it seemed like hope had let you down.

Your ability to see through to the other side, past your current experiences, the bleakness and the uncertainty, all depend on how hard you are willing to hang-on.

The struggle persists particularly because hope seems vague. It gives us no timelines, no end date, no traffic light signals of stop, prepare and go, neither does it say when the situation will change. Hope just says, hold onto me!

It can be very hard to hold onto hope however, it is what keeps you going. The question nonetheless is, who is your hope in? What is His track record? Is it one of success? How powerful is He? How trustworthy is He?

The strength of your hope is in the power of what is backing it up.

So where is your hope and who is backing you up?

Jeremiah 29:11For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Numbers 23:19 – God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfil it?

Gratitude vs. Ingratitude – Will you let the tiny light in?


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The act of ingratitude is something that creeps up on us slowly; it comes gradually and unnoticed. First, it starts with a few grumbles about our dislike for our current state, then the voice gets a little bit louder and we complain about almost everything and perhaps, the role others have played in it, and then gradually, we fall into an advanced “state of entitlement” for what you believe you should be getting but are not.

In that state, your view might just be a little blurry.  You fail to see the good (no matter how little) in the situation, you refuse to learn the lessons, and you are unable to reflect on the situation objectively.

Expressing gratitude is a choice. It is a conscious decision that has to be made and at every intersection, you will be faced with two options;

  • Be grateful for the small ray of sunshine that pierces its way through the darkness; or
  • Be ungrateful for the entire situation.

As you get on with life, choose an expression that gives life; choose gratitude and be thankful.

Be thankful for the ray of light in the dark room, the small tree that protects you partially from the extremely hot sun, the annoying little car that still gets you to work, and the frustrating job that still helps you pay your bills.

Be thankful, express it, live it…

Whose boat are you in?


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Jesus walks on water

I am riding in my own boat, full of confidence in who I am and where I am going. I am sure that I have all that it takes and I am almost certain that I have it all figured out.

I am completely fearless until the waves begin to crash against the boat, the wind tossing the boat back and forth, with the boat shaking forcefully. At this point, I know I can no longer stay in my own boat, especially with all of my self-confidence now failing.

As the man in the other boat calls out to me, I try very hard to keep him in my focus. At first I am successful, I get out of my boat and begin to walk on water towards him without anxiety. I am being called by the one who knows my name. I am unafraid and eager to make the next move, I find myself making good progress.

All of a sudden, I begin to allow the noise in the waves get the better of me, I begin to allow the whistle in the boisterous wind put fear in me. I begin to lose focus of the one who is calling out to me and I imagine that the waves are bigger than He is. Then, just as quickly as I started walking on water, I began to sink.

The voices in my head kept calling out my name. They reminded me of all the wrong I have done, justifying why I do not deserve to be saved. They reminded me of my pride, my lies, my wayward ways, my past, my present and whispered to me that I will never make it.

Every now and again, I catch a glimpse of the man in His boat gently calling out to me. At every point at which I set my eyes on Him, light shines into my almost bleak situation and I see a ray of hope but the minute I stop focusing on Him, the waves come hitting harder again.

Finally, I realise that I need to be focused on the one who is calling out to me to make it to the other side. It dawns on me that I need to be in His boat and not mine.

If they could see your scars, will they see you?


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Growing up as a child, I completely disliked playing rough, I would always try to ensure that I played without running or jumping to avoid getting any scars and if I did, I will hope and pray hard that they disappeared as quickly as they came.

I was successful for the most part in my pursuit for a scar free body until one fateful day, I decided to ride a bicycle on gravel at a family friend’s house and there it was after falling off the bicycle, a cut on my knee that required a pair of scissors, bandages, and antiseptics. I can barely see the scar now, but I have the memories of me falling off that bicycle, crying and wishing it never happened, especially because I had tried so hard to be careful.

As we grow older however, we carry different types of scars arising from experiences, actions or inactions, interactions, what someone said or did not say, what someone did or did not do, death of a loved one, illness, a lost job, a general loss of direction or purpose in life, family struggles, abuse in one form or the other, rejection, sadness, depression, divorce, hopelessness and perhaps, a general dampening in the zeal for life.

Although these scars are not visible, they have a way of shaping us in one form or the other; it could be a change in the way we view or interact with people, a decline in our trust in God, a shift in the way we open ourselves up to people, a desire not to live, a contemplation to harm oneself and the list goes on.

While scars are as a result of events that might have happened in the past or as a result of something you are currently going through, if not properly handled or revisited, can lead to dire consequences. So while people looking in from the outside cannot necessarily see your scars, don’t leave them unattended. They do not disappear as quickly as they have appeared. Sometimes, it lingers on and can cause greater harm in the future than in the present.

You don’t have to wear your scars around on a sleeve, permitting it to take control of you or allowing it to define who you are and who you could be.

Ride on the waves of your experiences and become a better you through it all!

If they could see your scars, will they see you?

Psalm 34:18 – The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Isaiah 41:10 – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Who are YOU?


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In today’s world, people seem to have a perfect idea of who you are and who they want you to be; they sometimes have it all planned out for you and imaginably, even appear to know what is best for you.  

The question however, remains, who do you really want to be? Or should I be asking, who are you inspired to be?

You might be thinking “you have no idea how hard I have tried to get there and how many times I have failed trying”.

Well, if you are asking this question, you are definitely not alone but the fact that you have not given up on your dreams or your goals expresses the fact that you are a fighter and will get through to the end alright if only you keep trying.

Words like perseverance, hard-work, patience, endurance, keep-pushing, and diligence don’t sound very exciting. Life however, is a very long trip; one filled with the known and the unknown. Regardless, a path that needs to be walked and experienced through strength, faith, love, and endurance.

In the midst of this journey, the puzzle might only partially make sense now and you might become nervous or even upset and imagine that the easiest way to go is the route of less-resistance; abandon all your plans and follow the crowd, just go with the flow you might say. “I can never lose out thinking like everyone and doing the same thing as everybody else you might begin to imagine and even believe”.

Well, the more you become like everyone else, the less of you there is to give to the world. The smaller the opportunity to display that special gift God has deposited in you, that very gift for which the world has been awaiting a manifestation.

The more of other people we see in you, the less of you there is to see. So be you, do you, fight for who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in and who you are inspired to be.

 Be blessed.




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According to my personal dictionary, fear is that feeling that comes upon you, overwhelms you and holds you back from doing something you desperately want to do or feel like you should be doing.

It is having a goal you want to achieve; you cannot live with yourself if you choose not to go ahead with it, however, you keep holding back!

I have never understood the concept of fear until now. I always imagined it was something that could be easily wished away with a magic wand perhaps.

Fear holds us in a harder grip as a result of past experiences. We dislike to relive the past, we cannot imagine failing at another attempt, we cannot visualise hitting another road block; we cannot imagine coming face-to-face with yet another barrier that seems immovable.

Fear is however, just a concept in our minds and the first step to overcoming fear is realising it is what it is.  “An idea in my head that was created by the power of my mind”

Once you can get past the notion that it is simply a mind created concept that has been developed as a result of past experiences, assumptions, facts, ideas, etc., you can gradually begin to get yourself out of it.

Do not let fear stop you from being who you are meant to be or achieving that very purpose you set out to accomplish. Picture yourself succeeding at it, and the strength to counter the voice of fear in your head with the positive will be just around the corner.

Jump the hurdle in your mind, push back the brick walls, and say no to fear!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


I am divergent!


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I am divergent 2

There is something about the world finding superiority in being able to fit us into neatly defined boxes with tags labelled Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic…

The world then begins to define you through these ingenious set of characteristics that they believe you possess based on the personality type that has been handed to you.

Every action taken is explained by the fact that you are Sanguine or Phlegmatic, even when the behaviour trait does not necessarily fit perfectly into that box. “But oh, that must be the reason he acts so weird they will say; I should have known better”.

Now, it starts to get interesting when the world meets people they cannot fit into any of their well-organised boxes. They try so hard to find a perfect fit and when they find none, they choose to give you one anyway but then, you choose not to follow the known path; you choose to break free from the standard!

The minds already ruled by these set boxes, however, cannot comprehend the divergent nature of your very being.

You are not defined by a particular character or one event but by numerous deviating characters that make you who you are.

You are kind, you are confident yet can be humble, you are brave yet can be timid, you are reserved yet can be fun-loving, you are able to communicate with the most privileged yet the less privileged love you just the same, you are strong yet you have areas of weaknesses, you are outspoken, you can stand up for the rights of others, you are intelligent, you can be loud yet insightful, you can be awkward yet interesting, and you are so much more than the world can take-in.

You are everything you can be and there is still so much more the world is yet to discover about you.

You are divergent, not weird, and you rock!

As we get into a new year, accept who you are, be comfortable in your skin and defy the neatly defined boxes if you must!

I am divergent, I stand for many things, and I do not fit in a box.

Happy New Year!!!

A prisoner of other people’s opinions


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Prison of others

According to the Oxford dictionary, an opinion is defined as a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. It can also be defined as a belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

What jumps out to me in both definitions is the reference to the fact that opinions are not necessarily based on certainty, facts or knowledge but yet, we find that sometimes, we live our lives locked in the prison of other people’s views about us or something we want to do. Every action we intend to take is preceded by a bunch of questions:

  • How will this look?
  • What will people have to say about it?
  • Will they approve?
  • Will the comments be positive or negative?
  • Will people like me or hate me for this?
  • Will they still view me the same way?

And the list goes on…At the end of the day, we find out that we are living our lives based on what others want us to do, and what they expect from us as opposed to what we really want to do and how we really feel.

We are trapped in our own bodies but in the minds of other people.

We have become prisoners of our external environment; we are receivers and not people who shape. Our inner existence is being dictated by the outside world and what it expects from us. We have lost our freedom; we have lost our right to be free! We have lost ourselves to the opinions of others.

We need to learn to be free again, to celebrate our strengths and weakness, to celebrate our loveliness and our awkwardness, to celebrate who we are and who we are trying to be by accepting our current form on the way to who we want to be.

To be really free is to rid ourselves of the chains that have long-held us back and be who we really are without giving it too much thought.

Live life and be you!

Merry Christmas!!!

Keep Moving!!!


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Keep Moving

Many times in life, we find ourselves sitting on really big dreams, great ideas, and life changing desires to change the world. We feel like we have enough energy within us to save planet earth and any other planet out there that needs protection. At least, this is how we start out until reality starts to bite!

superman    right arrow    fallen super man

We begin to face hurdles, the road starts to seem unclear and perhaps, even dark.  We start to doubt our initial zeal, and think, how did I ever even believe I could do that in the first place?

You look around you and maybe everyone else seems to have the ‘oh so perfect and easy life you so dream of’ and maybe at some point, you just want to throw in the towel and say, I give up! Tempting? Oh Yes! But is that really the right decision? Maybe not.

One of the most difficult things in life is being consistent; continuing in the midst of adversity, pushing harder when you are going against the tide, making that extra high jump when you have another hurdle to cross, giving that extra push when you feel like you just cannot go any further, and just simply taking that extra step!!!

In the end, what makes the difference is your staying power.  What differentiates you from the next person is how you were able to overcome that obstacle, and what gives you a story to tell is the journey! Keep moving; don’t stop because you are an overcomer!!!!!

freed superman

My Hebrews Chapter 12…


The book of Hebrews, Chapter 12 drives home hard truths:

  • Tells me not to lose heart when the Lord rebukes me;
  • Tells me that the Lord disciplines those whom he loves;
  • Tells me that if he chastens me, he deals with me as a son;
  • Tells me to endure hardship as discipline because God is treating me as his child;
  • Tells me that this discipline is for my own good, though painful now, it later produces a harvest of righteousness and peace.

In the midst of those situations where it just seems like there is no way out, where help is neither coming from the North, South, East or West, where I feel like I cannot fall any lower and begin to look for help everywhere, wishing my problems will magically go away. I fast and pray, I wait to hear back from God but he seems too far away, his arms seem too short to save me, I don’t even hear him. Where is my Hebrews chapter 12 then? and When I find it, do I find comfort in it? Do I let it speak to me what God is saying? Or is it just another bible chapter in that moment?

It is important for us to note that the purpose of God for our lives is to be sanctified, to be holy just as he is holy and blameless before him in love. God desires for us to be fruitful and to be vessels unto honour. God’s purpose for you is not just to make you happy here on earth, but to ensure that through Jesus Christ, his perfect will is achieved through and in you.

Once we have an understanding that God is not the fairy God mother waiting to wave her wand to make all our wishes come true, we might start to see things differently (might, being the main word here).  We can stop going around with long faces, feeling depressed, and feeling that God doesn’t love us which explains why our whole world seems to be crashing down. A change of perspective is all we need to see things differently.

Now, notice that even the bible doesn’t shy away from warning us that it is indeed a painful process. Nobody enjoys the process but everybody loves and celebrates the outcome. I would use an illustration of a gold bar going through a fiery furnace and coming out all pure and beautiful without impurities but I prefer to use an example closer to home.

Look at your life and examine your Christian walk with God, think back to when you had just given your life to Christ, life seemed like a walk in the park, almost every prayer was answered on time, your faith was unshakable, you always felt God’s presence, and sometimes, you even got answers to your thoughts before you voiced them.

Then gradually, you had to wait a little longer, sometimes the answer didn’t come the way you were expecting it (but it came all the same), things began to happen that made you question God, your faith was shaken, everything you have ever known to be true didn’t work out like that anymore. You were awaken  to the real world. Now, in the midst of this, we are far from pleased because we want things done our way and in our own time but at the end of it all, can you truly look back and say it hasn’t paid off?

Have you noticed how you are less irritable when things don’t go your way, how you are more understanding of people’s situations because you have been there before, how you are more loving to others, humbled by God’s grace and love, joyous and peaceful in the midst of seemingly un-peaceful situations and have learned to stretch your faith?

God’s ultimate purpose and objective is that you might spend eternity with him in his glory and he would stop at nothing to get you there.  He who has started a good work in your life will be faithful to complete it.

Be blessed…


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