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Time and time again, I hear people say stuff like “life is not fair”, “why does this always happen to me”, “you have no idea what I am going through”, I have tried over and over again but I never get it right”, “I am just going to throw in the towel”, “I give up”, “everyone else has an easier life than I do”.

By now, perhaps some of these phrases and sentences ring a bell; so is life really fair? The honest answer is “NO”, life isn’t fair; it never has been and never would be but are we going to throw a pity party every time life gets hard and we don’t get what we want?

I agree that so many times, we try really really hard, we give it all of our best and much more and it just still seems like we are not getting any closer to our dreams and then we pick ourselves up and try again, give it our best shot and it seems like it even gets worse and we try, try, and try again…

The question that begins to come to our mind sometimes is how long do I have to try? How long do I have to keep fighting for? How many times do I have to be rejected for that job before I stop trying?  How many times do I have to re-sit that exam? How long do I have to wait to reach my goal? How far? How long? How hard?

And the answer is, as long as you have breath in you, you have to keep fighting! As long as you have hope, don’t give up, as long as you have a dream, follow it! As long as you have an idea, build on it! As long as you are creative, keep at being innovative! As long as you can be diligent, keep working hard! Whatever you do just keep on keeping on!

When life throws you an unfair punch, then you need to hit back, it is OK to be startled for a little while to absorb what just happened but don’t stay down too long for it to be called out as a “wining knock-out”  against you.

Fight back with everything you have and all that is in you, that final punch just might be what you need to win; so when life hits hard at you, fight back!