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So it is no secret that in life we are constantly chasing after something; it might be that dream job, moving into that new apartment, getting a pay rise at work, getting a promotion, getting married, writing a book, flying an air plane .whatever it is, we all have dreams that we are chasing.  To put it another way, “we are all chasing dreams”, but when we get what we have been going after, then what?

Does it usually bring you the sort of satisfaction that you had imagined? Does it really really make you as happy as you dreamed it would? Did it really solve all of your problems just as you had hoped it would? Did it feel like you had finally found the one thing you had been waiting for to complete yourself or did you just go on to have another dream to chase after?

In other words, do we really find long-term happiness and satisfaction in the things that we chase after or is it just an endless pursuit of happiness?