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So many times, life feels like a struggle, we push through the waves, trying as hard as we can; sometimes, even moving against the currents.

Morning after morning, we wake up with fresh enthusiasm thinking, “surely, today will be different”, “surely, today will bring something new, something better, something to celebrate, and perhaps, even something to get excited about”.

Then, the day comes by, and it goes, and it is just the same – “nothing new”, “nothing exciting”, and exactly just the way you left it the night before.

And then what? Do we throw in the towel and say we have had enough? Or do we continue to believe? – I will call it hope but in this instance, I choose not to.

So what shall we do?

We will hold on to the belief that something good is still going to happen

We will hold on to the belief that it is going to get better

We will believe that somehow, somewhere and someday, we are going to wake up and our belief would have worked for us.

So just believe!!!