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The drive to succeed in life gets us out of bed most mornings; by the time we open our eyes, we can already think of a Thousand things that need to get done and a Thousand different ways things could have gone the day before.

We have a to-do-list longer than the early morning coffee queue and we cannot wait to get our hands dirty.

We stumble out of bed, mumble a prayer (if we remember to), get into the shower and rush out in 5 minutes or less, and off we go…

The day goes by, just as busy as the day before; endless phone calls, tight deadlines, ticking off the to-do-list, meetings and more meetings…

We soon begin to feel pangs of hunger and suddenly realize we have not had lunch yet – so we grab a bite and off we go again, back to whatever it is that has kept us so busy all day.

The day ends and the cycle continues.

Within these fast paced days, we have probably forgotten to return calls from Mum & Dad, left the kids at school longer than required, not prayed to God, or let’s just say you have mumbled to God all through the week, forgotten birthdays & anniversaries, and probably even failed to show up at the doctor’s office for an appointment.

No matter how busy the days and weeks get, let us learn to make time for the things that really matter. When all is said and done, the only people left in your life are the ones you never made time for.